Jet Ski Tour 4 Hours ( 60KM )

From: RM800.00


Special pricing only applies now during checkout. Parasailing can be done anytime and day, let us know after your jet ski tour.
{RM280 for Twin Parasailing} {RM150 for Single Parasailing}


RM800 Per Jet Ski ( Accommodates 2 )

Tour guide will be on his own separate jet ski.




Pulau Beras Basah ( Wet Rice Island )

1st drop for an enjoyable swimming at the sandy beach where you can relax.

Pulau Singa Besar ( Big Lion Island )

Coast around the island while experiencing the nature at coastal mangrove forest and watch different species of eagles.

Pulau Dayang Bunting ( Pregnant Maiden Island )

2nd drop at the largest fresh water lake and dip in fresh water after a long ride on jet skies.
  • Bati Merali Island
  • Batu Merah Island
  • Kukus Island
  • Gubang Darat Island
  • Gubang Laut Island
  • Puchong Island
  • Ajar Island
  • Sipak Island
  • Duyong Island
  • Lima Island
  • Pit Stop @ Long Beach Island
Then get back on the jet skies and visit some other small islands with spectacular views and limestone rocks before heading back.

Due to safety only 4 Jet Skis are allowed per slot.

Each Jet ski can accommodate 2 person, we do not charge by person & only charge by jet ski. It is totally up to you to have 1 person per jet ski or 2.


Once you have selected the date & time, please click the ask for availability button, once we approve it, your payment will be collected and booking will be made. We will email you the confirmation number & receipt. We will keep in touch with you via email and/or WhatsApp once the booking is completed & paid. 


*Please book in advance as slots are limited.

*Online rates will be cheaper than walk-in rate.

*Bookings are refundable up to 7 days in advance.

*Full refund will be provided if canceled by us due to unforeseen weather circumstances. Your safety & comfort is our priority. 


Can I Have all of it on the same day ?

Yes, Our Jet Ski tour starts at 9AM and ends at 1PM. Parasailing will be available from anytime after the activity. Please note: Parasailing Hours are from 10AM to 5PM


Can I have Parasailing on a separate day ? 

Yes, Our Parasailing is available daily ( except Mondays ). Please let us know at the time of booking when you will like to do this activities and we will take care of the rest.