Honeymoon Package – 2 Pax

From: RM1,300.00


This package includes 3 activities.

How much cheaper is it ?

Jet Ski Tour 4 Hour for 2 Person = RM670

Parasailing for 2 Person = RM300

Sunset Dinner Cruise for 2 Person = RM420

TOTAL: RM1390 RM1300

Can I Have all of it on the same day ?

Yes, Our Jet Ski tour starts at 10AM and ends at 1PM. Parasailing will be available from 1PM to 4PM. Sunset Dinner Cruise starts at 5PM and you have to be at our beach counter at 4PM.


Can I have Parasailing and Sunset Dinner Cruise on separate days ? 

Yes, Our Parasailing is available daily except Sundays, Sunset Dinner Cruise is available daily. Please let us know at the time of booking when you will like to have both of this activities and we will take care of the rest.