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Whats Next ?

Whats Next ?

Lets start!

Please make your way to our beach counter.

  1. Our beach counter is located infront of Nadias Hotel.
  2. Once you’ve arrived in Nadias Hotel, walk to the beach infront.
  3. Our beach counter is right infront of Huggin Hippo Cafe Langkawi.


Contact Information. 

NOTE: Please arrive 30 – 40 minutes before start time!



Frequently Asked Questions

What time shall I arrive ?

Please arrive at our beach counter 30 – 40 minutes before start time. Please be on time as we will be briefing before activity starts.

Where can I store my valuables ?

Only bring what you need. We will be providing you with a Dry Bag which you can bring it together with you and store your valuables.

What else do you provide ?

We will provide wet shoes and 1x500ml mineral water.

What do I do when I get there ?

Show us your booking confirmation.

Do you need our passport ?

No. We do not need your passport.